Tetrahedra and Icosahedra with Wildflowers


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The icosahedron and these wildflowers really show each other off, don't they? This picture was taken in the well-tended backyard of friends in Glendale, Arizona, in Spring 2001. The red flowers are called Red Flax, the large yellow flowers are African Daisies, and the tiny white flowers are Fleabane Daisies. There are a few flowers that are unidentified. The drawing was made from a slightly different picture taken at the same time. Recall that these are traces, so the pictures and drawings should be almost mirror images. Every once in a while, though, after a trace was made, I changed my mind and used a slightly different photograph.


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This picture was taken along a roadside east of Apache Junction in Spring 2001. The wildflowers are Globe Mallow (Spharoelcea ambigua). The roadsides were covered with many varieties of wildflowers due to an abundance of rain.

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