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This picture is of a youth reporter from the Pinnacle Press who was present at a fractals in nature event where for two hours on two consecutive days we put elementary school youth reporters together with preschoolers. I was running the event and didn't have time to take pictures. With few exceptions, the pictures on the Kids and Fractals in Nature pages were taken by Charlotte Woodward, director of the College of Education Preschool.

The Pinnacle Press is a private newspaper by children for children run by a couple of Scottsdale moms to give children a voice. At the time of this event in October of 2001, they were accepting contributions from a total of eight Scottsdale elementary and middle schools.


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This picture appears to be a zoom of the previous picture, and I really like it a lot. There was too much darkness and shadow to trace the Sierpinski tetrahedron in its stage-3 form. I changed it to a stage-1. It will probably also be easier for children to color the structures if there is less detail. There are benefits that go in both directions.


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The setting and angles look so beautiful in this picture, with the shadows on the rock.

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