Photographs of Sierpinski Tetrahedra

Inverted, equalized image of three Sierpinski tetrahedra with modern art at the Phoenix Art Museum, taken in Spring 2001. I was accompanied
by a curator while placing the structures in permitted areas and photographing them. The image is placed here with permission.

There are probably around 1,500 different photos on the website, real except a handful of cases where noted. More recent images show plants and miscellaneous objects viewed through the Sierpinski tetrahedra. This gives the advantage of an inside, close-up view of them, as though the viewer were holding them up close and looking inside. Only a few such images are posted, on these pages: Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Sedona Thru-Tetras, Desert Botanical Gardens, the last images of Roses, and a couple of Grand Canyon Follow-Up Images.

There is very little discussion about the structures on the photo pages. That is the purpose of my Sierpinski Tetrahedron and its Complement page. The captions on the photo pages focus more on plant species and locational things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although the copyright © is Gayla Chandler, anyone wanting to use the image on this webpage, even for educational purposes, will additionally need

to get permission in writing, just as I did, from the Phoenix Art Museum.