Sierpinski Tetrahedra at Everglades National Park

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These photographs were taken in July 2002 at the Everglades National Park in Florida. It was very hot and what was planned to be an all-day trip turned into about an hour of actually being there and taking pictures. These are from a dark, thicketed trail, where there were lots and lots of mosquitoes. I included the above picture because of the roots showing at the bottom of the tree.

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These Sierpinski Tetrahedra (all three, can you see them?, the little stage-1 is barely hanging on) were sitting on a long, horizontal limb. The white structure visible to the side and the far back of the pictures is the home for my tetrahedron families. The twenty faces are flaps that open up to twenty tetrahedron-shaped compartments.

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When taking these pictures there was a beautiful, large black-and-russet spider hanging suspended above the Sierpinski Tetrahedron in the upper half of the picture on the right. Immediately before I snapped the picture, the spider shot up and out of view. I have reason to believe now that it may have been a Banana spider.

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These pictures are from the same thicket. It was very dark and lush, and humid. The ferns in the background are natural fractals. The entire family of ferns are natural fractals. The Sierpinski Tetrahedra sitting with them are geometric fractals.

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